Learned Optimism. 3Ps.

  • As supervisors, we can reframe “Sorry boss, I always screw up this computer application” with encouragement and positive expectation — “You just haven’t figured out this application yet. Keep working at it.”
  • As parents, we can de-catastrophize “I’m terrible at school” with a more targeted appraisal: “Your grades are generally good. You just need to spend a bit more time on math.”
  • As a couple, we can reassure a spouse who states, “Why am I so stupid!?” by separating the performance from the performer. “You’re not at all a stupid person. You just made a poor choice. I’m sure an apology would clear up the misunderstanding.”

Dad. Dreamer. Civil Servant.

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Andrei Reznikov

Andrei Reznikov

Dad. Dreamer. Civil Servant.

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