10 lies we are told about the World. by Julian Shapiro

THREAD: 10 significant lies you’re told about the world.

On startups, writing, and your career:

People don’t have short attention spans:

• They finish 3 hour Joe Rogan episodes.
• They binge 14 hour shows.

They have short *consideration spans:* they must be hooked quickly.

Point: Don’t fear making great, in-depth content. But, ensure your first minute is incredible.

In observing friends who’ve sold startups and made millions:

After a year, they’re back to toying with their old side projects.

They used their money to buy a nice home and eat well.

That’s it. They’re otherwise back to who they were.

Point: Aim to be fulfilled, not rich.

Reading many books is the most socially accepted vanity metric for adults.

You get zero kudos for reading 100 books a year.

You get massive kudos for learning efficiently and making interesting things.

Bloggers who post frequently (2x/wk) are rarely worth reading consistently.

I read for insights. And no writer can generate profound insights on a fixed schedule.

I aggregate writers who publish sporadically. When they post, they truly have something to say.

The world is not run by exceptional people.

This is the hidden reason for imposter syndrome.

We mistakenly think imposter syndrome is due to low confidence/anxiety.

No, it’s caused by not accepting that your new, world-class peers aren’t that special. It’s mostly discipline.

Success isn’t an end state. Success is having the freedom to focus on the grind you actually enjoy.

Most people should spend way less energy trying to get rich and way more energy building a tight-knit friend group that will be with them until old age.

“You should work your butt off in your 20s.”

This misses the point.

Your primary goal isn’t to work hard. Your goal is to build leverage.

How? Start with delegation:

“Find someone who can do what you do at 70% the success. Teach them the extra 10% and be okay with 80%.”

Beware signing up for tools that can read your email. This includes inbox apps and Chrome extensions.

You’re giving a team of 20-year-olds access to the equivalent of your ID, bank vault, and diary combined.

Online privacy is an illusion.

If you construct your identity on what you’re a fan of (sports, media, brands), you’re a vessel. You’re lending out ownership over your identity.

Instead, if you construct your identity on the things you create, you’re a craftsperson — someone who keeps refining who they are.

Most friends aren’t friends. They’re acquaintances.

Friends phone you out-of-the-blue because they want to hear your voice. Friends would drive you to the emergency room at 3 AM.

Friends are the family you choose, and they’re key to happiness in old age.

Invest in good people.

And the biggest lie there is.

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